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What you can expect of us

This page outlines what you can expect of us.  For what we expect of you, please see our Terms and Conditions.

We take data protection and the accuracy and quality of information very seriously. This document explains how we process, store, maintain and dispose of the information you give us. The DIVA database complies with the principles and conditions of the Data Protection Act.

Management of data

DIVA administration is undertaken by part-time staff at Community Action Bradford & District.

All processing of personal data by Community Action Bradford & District is registered with the Information Commissioner. Our registration includes the purpose of processing personal contact details with the aim of promoting groups to as wide an audience as possible, including to those with access to the Internet.

Control how your data is available

Organisations registered with DIVA can control exactly what information is made available in our online directory. For example, a group may choose to have a contact phone number published, but not a postal address. Whilst admin contact information is obviously essential so that the DIVA team can write and check a group's details from time to time, this is stored securely 'behind the scenes' of the database. Such data is regarded as private and will never be disclosed by the DIVA admin team.

Promoting the local voluntary sector

DIVA aims to promote local voluntary sector organisations as widely as possible via the Internet, and this means that public information can be accessed anywhere in the world via our online directory. That is why our forms ask for your explicit consent to do this, a requirement of the data protection legislation.

Verifying updates

When we send forms out to obtain updated information we require the signature of the named contact ('the data subject'). This is evidence of their consent for these details to be published. We file these centrally as evidence in case of query or complaint. If we receive an un-signed form, we send it back for signature.

In the case that a contact for a group nominates another person as the new contact, we will confirm this with the new contact before amending the record.

If we receive minor correction details, over the phone or by email, we will not require a signature, but will make a written note of the conversation.

If a group or contact person changes their mind about their details being held we will remove their details from the database as soon as we can.

In the future, there will be the scope for groups to update their own information online. Each organisation will have one or more nominated admin user, whose unique, confidential, login details will act as a proxy signature.

DIVA paper forms are only retained for a maximum of three years. Disposal is by shredding.

Accuracy of data

The DIVA Partnership places great importance on the accuracy of the data held. We aim to review each record at least once a year. In the event where there is no response to our update letter, and we cannot establish contact, we will remove the details of the organisation from the public part of the database, but may keep the details in the secure area of the database for administration purposes, but for no more than three years.

DIVA Partnership access to data

The DIVA Partners have full access to the publicly available contact details (but not private admin contact details as outlined above) on the DIVA database. Sometimes this information may be used by them to identify organisations for consultation on local issues or to identify those which they feel may benefit from being informed about services or initiatives. Strict protocols will govern the use of this information by partners.

Subsets of the public information on the DIVA database may be reproduced by partners as other printed directories or databases, for example the Health Maps directory for health professionals. DIVA is not a profit-making enterprise and has no information sharing relationship with any external organisation that interacts with data on a commercial basis.

DIVA Bradford news

An important aspect of DIVA membership is that your group will receive occasional notifications of events and consultations and targeted mailings, for example about new funding sources. It enables your group to be more "in the loop", and better placed to inform decision makers about your needs and views. However, responding to these communications is optional.

Use of DIVA data by others

Where organisations outside the DIVA partnership extract information from the database via our online directory, and store it on their computers, or on their own website, they are responsible for appropriate registration under the Data Protection Act.


Further enquiries should be directed to the DIVA Admin team via our contact form

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