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My group is already on a database, so why should I join DIVA Bradford?

There are indeed several other databases and directories, each with their own specific purposes. DIVA Bradford works in partnership with many of the organisations behind those directories to try and co-ordinate things better and avoid groups being asked to fill out lots of forms.

Unlike other databases DIVA is a general directory - every kind of community group and activity in Bradford district can take part and get great publicity.

Benefits of DIVA:

  • Great search engine results for organisation, location and service pages
  • Promotion via Twitter and Facebook for groups that join
  • Make your group more visible to the general public, Council and health professionals
  • Publicise events and job opportunities quickly and to hundreds of people
  • It's FREE and you would be supporting a local service run by other voluntary and community groups

How do I add an entry to the DIVA directory?

Visit the Get Listed page of DIVA Bradford to check if your group or service is eligible, and if so follow the instructions there.

What if I need to update or remove some information?

Have a look at our guidelines for updating entries.

If I put an e-mail address on DIVA, won't I get lots of junk e-mail?

We don't display any email addresses on entries for spammers to get at. If someone wants to send a message to your group, they fill out a secure online form and the DIVA system then sends the message on to you, with their contact details included. By doing things this way, anyone who writes only gets your details if you choose to reply.

Will DIVA put my home address and phone number online?

Not unless you want us to. If you are the contact person for an entry on our directory, you choose the information that DIVA Bradford makes available. We do require contact details for someone in the group who is responsible for updating your entry, but we never display these details online unless you also state that these are for public use. Only the DIVA admin team will ever have access to your admin contact information.  See our Data Protection page for more on this.

My organisation has a job vacancy. How can I advertise this on DIVA?

We have a job vacancies section on which we can advertise any current jobs in the voluntary and community sector. You can add a vacancy yourself, and once it has been approved by the DIVA administration team it will show up on our website. Every new vacancy is also publicised by DIVA Bradford on Twitter.

Can DIVA promote my group's volunteering opportunities?

DIVA lists paid job vacancies, but does not routinely advertise volunteering opportunities. 

If you want to advertise a volunteer opportunity, please contact Volunteer Centre Bradford or Keighley and District Volunteer Centre. Both organisations add volunteering opportunities in Bradford district to the do-it.org database.

The exception to this is volunteer vacancies for trustees or committee members.  You can add these volunteer opportunities to the jobs page because we've found that these vacant positions have been successfully filled through advertising on DIVA.

You can also add information about volunteering opportunities to your group's page on DIVA.

Can DIVA help me find some voluntary work?

The best way to find voluntary work is to contact Volunteer Centre Bradford or Keighley and District Volunteer Centre who can help you on your search.  Both organisations add volunteering opportunities in Bradford district to the do-it.org database.

If you're interested in volunteering to be part of a committee then take a look at the vacancies page.

The DIVA directory includes a variety of voluntary and community groups in Bradford district, some of whom will take on volunteers, but not all of them do. Each individual listing in our directory should state whether or not that group takes on volunteers.

We are holding a community event. Can DIVA promote it?

DIVA does indeed have an events calendar, and you are welcome to add your events.  Every event is also publicised by DIVA Bradford on Twitter.

I've got to ask… What does DIVA actually stand for?

District Index of Voluntary Associations… but we think DIVA sounds more fun, so we don't use it much!

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