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Put your email address in the box below and click 'Check email'. Read the message that appears:

  • New password. If there is already a user account registered with your email address, the system will send you an new password.
  • Validation link. If your account has been started but not confirmed, the system will send you another validation link. Just like other user accounts on the internet that you might sign up for, you need to click the validation link to confirm that you really want to create a user account.
  • Register. If you haven't registered an account yet, the message will say "No DIVA account was found with that email address." To be able to login, please register a user account.


DIVA has emailed me so why does the message say I haven't registered a user account or that my email is not recognised?

If your email address has been given to DIVA Bradford as an "admin contact" then you will get automated email reminders from the website asking you to login and review your organisation's details.

Everyone who wants to login needs to first register a user account for themselves. This doesn't happen automatically.

There is more troubleshooting information on our help pages for Login problems.

Haven't received a validation or password reminder email? The emails are automated messages so please check your junk mail folder.

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