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The DIVA Bradford website is a showcase for what voluntary and community groups can offer in Bradford district.

We want to publicise as many voluntary and community groups in Bradford district as possible - from small clubs and societies to large charities.

The quickest way to get a page for your group is to complete the online form - Get listed now.

Adding pages to DIVA Bradford

Community groups, including charities in Bradford district can add a page for

This is a FREE publicity service (funded by Bradford Council). In particular we'd like to help small community groups that don't already have a website by providing a page about their group and promotion on social media.

Why do we want more groups to join DIVA Bradford? Because people don't know that the groups are there! They don't know how much great work happens in their community or how to get involved.

We know that the general public, health professionals, social workers, even funders use DIVA Bradford to find community groups because they contact us. The more groups listed, the more likely it is that people can find services they need.

To avoid disappointment!

Remember - we only publicise voluntary and community groups working in Bradford district. This includes informal groups without a constitution, registered charities, sports clubs and religious organisations.

Social enterprises that do not pay company directors or employ directors as members of staff are eligible but if you're not sure, please contact us.

We do not publicise private companies where profits go to business owners or shareholders.

Organisations that the DIVA partnership sees as promoting hate or prejudice toward other members of society cannot publicise their activities on DIVA Bradford.

Add a page for a community group

It's easy to get a page - and you can choose how to send us your information:

Example organisation page - Community Action Bradford & District (Bingley office).

Add a page for a community project or service

Already got a page for your group? There's no limit to how long your page can be and you can include information about projects and services all on one page. However, sometimes you might want a separate page for a project or service. This will be linked to the group's page, on the services tab.

You can add as many services as you like but remember you will need to keep all the information up to date; make sure you find out how to edit pages online.

Example service page - Shipley Area Links befriending scheme

Add a page for a community venue

The venue needs to be located in Bradford district and run by a voluntary and community group. We can add information about how to hire the venue and link to photographs on your website. Contact us to find out more.

Example venue page - Little House 

Don't lose your page!

Keep in touch and contact us if your email address or phone number changes.

All groups listed on DIVA Bradford are sent automated reminders by email at least once a year to check their page and confirm details are still correct. If we haven't been able to get a response and we're not sure if details are still up to date, the DIVA admin team may decide to remove your information.


Phone 01274 781222 or email

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