Weathering the storm and building resilience through COVID-19

Start date and time: 16th April 2021 10:00am
End date and time: 16th April 2021 11:30am

The voluntary and community sector (VCS) are critical to supporting and building resilient communities, more now than ever due to the impact of Covid19. But how can they do this when the sector is under significant funding pressure as a result of COVID-19?

This event, hosted by Steph Taylor, Programme Director at Give Bradford, will reflect on the role of the VCS in building resilience and showcase innovative ways organisations have been working throughout the pandemic. It will consider the sustainability of the VCS and focus on inward investment to Bradford as a method to support sector resilience.

Kim Shutler, Chair of Bradford VCS Assembly will speak at the event which will also feature two community organisations that received the GiveBradford Resilience Fund. These are Claudia McFarlane, Director at African Caribbean Achievement Project (ACAP) and Steve McHugh, Project Coordinator, The Valley Project who will share their stories and experiences.

This event is connected with: University of Bradford