RSS_iconThe DIVA website provides a variety of RSS feeds, depending on which part of our site you are in. Essentially, our RSS feeds allow you to keep up to date with changes to our site without you having to remember to keep checking if anything has changed. For more on what RSS feeds are and how to use them see this explanation by Videojug.

At the top of the right hand side bar, with the social sharing options, you will see the RSS icon. Not every page on DIVA has its own RSS feed. If the page you are on doesn't have an RSS feed of its own, clicking the RSS icon will bring you to this page. If the page does have an RSS feed, this icon links directly to it.

The DIVA website provides the following types of RSS feeds:

  • Directory updates - examples include a new organisation being listed, or a more specifically a new organisation being listed in a certain category.
  • Updated listings - subscribing to an RSS feed for a specific organisation,location or a service will let you know when it is updated.
  • Events - get updates on events as they are added to the DIVA website.
  • Jobs - get updates on jobs as they are added to the DIVA website.
  • Other new content - all other parts of the site, such as support pages, will also have RSS feeds available. So, if any new information is added to these sections you can keep informed of the changes as they happen.

Directory updates

The entire directory

As you browse our directory, you will be able to get updates about new or amended entries. From the top of the directory, the RSS icon will provide you with a feed of all updates. So, if any organisation, location or service is added or amended, it will appear in this feed.

Specific criteria

If you drill down through the directory you can get more targeted updates for specific attributes ('attributes' is the overall term for categories, people and places). If you browse down to the bottom of any branch of the directory tree, the RSS icon will link to a feed for that specific attribute. For instance, if you browse to Neighbourhood issues (this is within Categories --> Local Issues) the RSS feed there will tell you about any organisation, location or service that has changed, or been added, specifically within Neighbourhood issues.

So, from the very top of the directory tree there is an RSS feed for the entire directory and at the very bottom of the directory tree there are RSS feeds for every attribute. However, there are no RSS feeds for the intermediate levels. So, for instance, using the above example, there is no RSS feed for Local Issues.

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