Digital Health Safeguarding Officer BEAC-Covid-19 Project

This is a temporary post with a fixed term, 6 months duration.

The job is to create a computer training programme and deliver that programme to African Refugee families with children. The programme will give the parents and children the skills to use laptops safely and productively for remote learning purposes, job seeking and general communication purposes.

This will involve making families aware of, and competent in various computer programmes and communicating that knowledge to African refugees. Also, it will include putting measures  in place to help families and young people using this program stay safe online. 

Application by letter with CV and an explanation of the skills and  knowledge you have to complete this project successively. Also include what  you would  like to achieve from this employment. Please send your email to:


Closing date: 30th September 2020 11:00pm
Salary: £9-14
Salary Frequency: Per hour
Further details available at:
This job is connected with: Brad East Africa Community