How to join DIVA Bradford


FREE publicity for your community group in Bradford district.

The DIVA Bradford website is a showcase for what voluntary and community groups can offer in Bradford district.

We want to publicise as many voluntary and community groups in Bradford district as possible.

This is a FREE publicity service (funded by Bradford Council). In particular we'd like to help small groups that don't already have a website by providing a page about their group and promotion on social media.


Because people don't know that the groups are there! They don't know how much great work happens in their community or how to get involved.

We know that the general public, health professionals, social workers, even funders use DIVA Bradford to find groups because they contact us. The more groups listed, the more likely it is that people can find services they need.

How to get a page on DIVA Bradford

It's easy to get a page - and you can choose how to send us your information:

To avoid disappointment!

Remember - we only publicise voluntary and community groups working in Bradford district.

We do not publicise private companies where profits go to business owners or shareholders.

Need help?

Phone 01274 781222 or email

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