Name Description
Advice at West Bowling Centre

This organisation can give advice about: benefits, tax credits, debt, housing, employment, immigration.
You can also get information about other subjects and the adviser will help you find out where to get more advice (Community Legal Services Quality Marked).

Africa 2000

Africa 2000 is a community based non profit organisation which has main aim and mission to provide them with key information, support and advice to its community members, mostly Black African as part of Ethnic Minority considering their lack of access to the main stream services. This information, support and advice covers a range of issues such as employment, education and training, health and housing and business opportunities aiming at facilitating them to have information and access opportunities but also engage and, be active to enable them to live up their dreams.

Africa 2000 is run by committed, experiences and qualified Volunteers


AFRICA4U ASSOCIATION is still at its infancy stage in Bradford. This is a voluntary association that promotes the success stories of the youth, women and community achievers and unsung heroes in local communities . We aim to organize local initiatives aimed at promoting youth empowerment, community cohesion, multi-cultural initiatives and women empowerment amongst various communities. We also aim to facilitate motivational talks in local communities , schools and places of worship from time to time
We have voluntary experience of organizing community award initiatives in London, Reading, Germany, The Netherlands, Malta, Romania, Switzerland, USA, Nigeria and several other regions . Our aim is to make a profound and a positive difference to Bradford and Yorkshire through organizing Inspirational talks, Awards initiatives and youth empowerment sessions. We also collaborate with other community institutions in different regions

African Caribbean Achievement Project

Mentoring - primary and secondary schools in Bradford Met. District; Youthstart in partnership with Bradford Youth Service for personal development on health and safety, first aid, conflict resolution, coping with stress, citizenship, art of dealing with people; holiday and playscheme. Girls' Club and Boys' Club for 13 - 19 years old. Parental support on school exclusions. NEET programme. Family links nurturing programme for parents. Home study support. Target group is 11-25yrs. Volunteers welcome.

Agape International Christian Centre

Agape International Christian Centre was birthed on the 24th of February 2015 with the view of creating an environment where believers can fellowship in love and express their worship of their saviour JESUS CHRIST without fear or turmoil. It is a young but evolving ministry with a passion to lead her people to living a Godly life and evangelising the community around us.

Age UK Bradford and District: Wellbeing Social Groups

The drop-in offers a place where people can get to know each other. Fresh, home prepared food including soup, sandwiches and snacks are on offer at very reasonable prices. Activities (Bring and Buy sales, book sales, summer and winter fairs, and arts and crafts) and trips are also often arranged.

Age UK Bradford District

Age UK Bradford District is a registered charity which exists to help older people in the Bradford District, through our core services;

Information and Advice: Ensuring that people in later life have the knowledge they need of their rights, entitlements and responsibilities and are aware of the services and support available to them. This is often support with benefits checks and welfare rights support. We deliver this from our Kirkgate office and at outreach / home visits by appointment. We also offer a ‘Free Will’ service in partnership with McClures Solicitors.

Wellbeing and Engagement: Supporting people to live independent and fulfilling lives, enabling them to remain active and involved in their communities, combating and preventing social isolation and loneliness.
Some of the activities we currently offer include
o I.T Lessons via the Worth Connecting Project The Aged Veterans Project
o Help at Home services, including the Trusted Trader Database on our website
o Day services in Keighley, Denholme & Mary Seacole Court
o Person centred support across the district, facilitated by our Wellbeing Officers

Integrated Care: Bringing together voluntary, health and care organisations to help older people who are living with long-term conditions, working to co-design and co-produce an innovative combination of medical and non-medical support.

Age UK Get Active Feel Great

Walk From Home helps to improve the health and well-being of older people who have lost confidence in walking outdoors because of falls, declining mobility or isolation. The older person will be matched 1:1 with their own volunteer who will visit once a week for 12 weeks to take them on a short walk in their local area.
Referrals are welcomed from anybody involved in the care of older people as well as self or family referrals.
The office is open during normal office hours, but the walks can take place when it is convenient for the service user (including evenings and weekends).

Age UK North Craven

We aim to make later life in North Craven a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, reducing isolation and loneliness, and providing the right support at the right time for older people.
Our aims are:
• That everyone in later life feels comfortable, safe and secure at home
• That everyone in later life can manage their daily living activities
• That everyone in later life can manage their daily finance and budgets
• That everyone in later life can participate in their local community if they want to
• That everyone in later life has access to consistently high quality care and support wherever they live
• That we are strong advocates for and supporters of everyone in later life and their carers

Age UK Veterans Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club for Veterans to meet like-minded people, eat and be social

Age UK: Denholme Wellbeing Bronte Café

Free of charge cafe area with light refreshments where people meet chat and mingle.

Age UK: Help at Home

The scheme is designed to tackle a variety of repairs and adaptations, including fitting grab rails and bannisters to prevent falls. All the contractors on our Trusted Traders database have references and are DBS checked.

Age UK: Information and Advice

Age UK Bradford District offers a free and confidential information and advice service for older people, their families and carers.

Our Information & Advice service holds the Advice Quality Standard (AQS). The AQS is the quality mark for organisations that provide advice to the public on social welfare issues. Organisations that hold the standard have demonstrated that they are easily accessible, effectively managed, and employ staff with the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of their clients, for more information, please visit the AQS website.

We can help you with:

Health and social care
Leisure and social activities
Family and personal matters
Your rights to local services
And most other things that affect your quality of life
We will always give you information that is accurate and up-to-date, and can explain the choices you have open to you. If you want us to, we may be able to take action on your behalf.

If we can't help, we can put you in touch with people who can.

How we work

We will not charge you for our service – its free
We will not tell anyone about your business without your permission
You can talk to us in private
We will not make judgements about your life and what you want to do
The information and advice provision is available across the Bradford district.

How to access the service

For any information enquiries you can drop into our centre at Kirkgate or Wrose, alternatively you can contact us on our telephone number.

For any advice enquiries you will require an appointment, please contact us by telephone or call into our Kirkgate centre to make the appointment.

We can offer appointments across the district through our outreach services, and where appropriate a home visit may be scheduled.

Age UK: Mary Seacole Court Day Centre

The aims of the day centre are to: promote independence, dignity, wellbeing and healthy living; provide access to community links and a safe, welcoming and social environment; encourage and support service users in their decisions; share culture and experiences and for service users to build friendships.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00-15:00, FREE but additional cost for lunches. Anyone can come along.

Age UK: Over-50s, Keighley

Drop-in centre and Cafe: fresh home-prepared food including soup, sandwiches and snacks are on offer at very reasonable prices. Activities and trips are also arranged.
Monday and Wednesday 11am-2pm

Age UK: Wellbeing Support

Scheme to reduce the social isolation of older people.

Age UK: Worth Connecting (Digital Champions)

Free one hour lessons to help gain basic skills on how to use a computer, the internet and sending and receiving emails on all operating systems including tablets and iPads.
No equipment is required as this is supplied but you can bring your own.
Please note that we take complete beginners.

Ageing without Children (Bradford & District)

We are a local group that meets the third Wednesday of the month 2 – 4pm at Equality Together, Manningham Mills, BD9 5BD
The group is open to all those ageing without children; this includes:
· Those without children
· Those whose children live far away
· Those who are estranged from their children
We also welcome organisations that wish to work positively with those ageing without children. For more information contact
Rachel on 07742 521 787 or email or visit

Ahead Partnership

We connect employers with education, public and private sector partners to widen their social impact.
We work across the country with employers and educators to provide services that help employers to engage, inspire and motivate young people around skills, career options and future employment.
Our award-winning and externally validated Make the Grade programme is now in its eighth year and has had an impact on over 150,000 young people to date.

Aire Rivers Trust

The Aire Rivers Trust has a unique role as a voluntary body set up to help improve the quality of the River Aire and its catchment, in order that all river and catchment users can enjoy a better experience of the river.

Our Vision for the River Aire
A thriving river valued for its environmental, social and economic benefits, and which is actively appreciated by the community for its diverse ecology and contribution to flood risk management.

3 Key Aims
1 Good ecological status for river and tributaries

2 Reduced risk and consequences of flooding

3 Improved community appreciation of the river

We oversee the continuing regeneration of the river and its tributaries following our industrial past. The river has improved dramatically over the last 40 years and we aim to continue the journey back to a pristine watercourse that residents can be proud of.

We were set up in 2011 to carry out projects that improve the condition of the river for its wildlife and for people to enjoy.

We are involved in saving some of the country’s most endangered species and preventing pollution by working with local people, businesses and landowners close to the river. The catchment has been modified over many years and our work to return the River Aire to its natural state contributes to reducing flood risk.

Much of our work involves education and explaining to people how the River Aire effects our economy and well-being, and what steps we can do to protect our watercourses.

We rely entirely on grants, fund raising activities and donations to carry out our work.

Aire Valley Rail Users' Group

To ensure passengers on the Airedale line continue to enjoy the best possible train services and station facilities. Has links with other organisations. A newsletter. AGM May. Membership enquiries: Keith Renshaw, 3 The Crescent, Baildon Green, Shipley BD17 7PE. Chairman Tim Calow 01756 799517

Contact us if you want help with anything related to the Aire Valley Railway System, we are all too happy to help.

Aire Wharfe & Craven Counselling

We offer both Counselling and Psychotherapy depending on your presentation and needs, however, all clients must be able to engage in therapy. Where an individual is considered to be severely mentally unwell or highly distressed, immediate therapy may not be possible. AWC Counselling can support and advise people on how to become ready for therapy. Confidentiality means that we do not share information with other agencies. The only exceptions to this are where specific laws are being broken e.g. involvement in terrorism, abuse of vulnerable individuals. The rules around confidentiality and contracting will be fully explained. Therapy sessions are not limited but clients are expected to define goals and work to achieve them. These goals are then reviewed every 6 weeks to ensure that progress is being made.
Counselling and psychotherapy are available for people who are concerned about how they are feeling. It allows them to talk things through and gain an understanding of their choices in particular situations or circumstances. People are supported and helped to work towards goals which will enable positive outcomes.

Counselling can help if:

you are feeling stuck and not sure what to do
you have recently been bereaved or experienced a loss of some kind
a past event is having a negative impact on you and affecting how you feel
you feel stressed or anxious
you have a poor self-image, low self-esteem, or lack confidence
you want to make significant life changes
you have been, or fear that you may become addicted to substances that mask feeling(s)
you are feeling low and may have a sense that you have lost control of your life or your direction
relationships in your life are difficult, or you’re going through divorce/separation or another important change
you simply need a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings and contemplate choices which may lead you to positive change

Everyone has a clinical assessment of their therapeutic need to ensure they will benefit from counselling. Sometimes an agency, an employer or the NHS, directly fund the counselling for the client as well as the assessment cost. Most clients, however, pay for their own assessments.

During the assessment interview, the assessor will discuss counselling fees with the client where applicable. The affordability of the fees for both the assessment and the counselling sessions is fully discussed. The fee, unless paid by someone else, is set at a rate that is affordable for the client and linked to their annual income.

The decision to offer counselling is based on clinical need and not on ability to pay. If a person is not offered counselling, the Clinical Lead will explain why and offer support for them to find an alternative pathway. The cost for an assessment is £25.00


Family History Society promoting genealogical research.
3 Branches; Burley in Wharfedale, Keighley & Threshfield
regular meetings at each branch see website for details

Airedale Enterprise Services

Supporting businesses in Yorkshire & Humberside and East Lancashire since 1983
Whatever stage your business venture is at, we offer a one-stop shop to access all the support you need.
For over 30 years we have nurtured thousands of businesses like yours to success. An award-winning not-for-profit organisation, we have been appointed as a chosen provider for delivering opportunities from government initiatives and EU funding through to reputable commercial loans, grants and training to help grow your business.
From helping you launch a business from scratch through to providing support in gaining high level ISO quality accreditation for your established enterprise, we’ll guide you through the process.
Our friendly in-house team provides coaching, mentoring, workshops and administrative support as well as bringing you external trainers who are experts in their field.

Airedale Symphony Orchestra

The orchestra performs a wide orchestral repertoire to the highest possible standard, thereby encouraging people to become acquainted with and to appreciate good music. Four or more concerts are performed each year to large audiences. Meet at Guiseley School, Fieldhead Road, Guiseley, on Mondays 7:30-9:45pm. Membership open, but a high standard of playing necessary. Vacancies at present for bass and first violin. All ages are welcome. Approx 70 members. AGM Nov.