Neighbourhood Planning and Building Powers

Start date and time: 23rd April 2019 7:00pm
End date and time: 23rd April 2019 9:00pm

This talk will discuss the legal powers available to neighbourhoods to have greater control over planning and building since the Localism Act. It will examine how a community can now draw up and adopt a Neighbourhood Development Plan and can itself pass forms of planning permission using Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right To Build Orders.

This session will also consider how a neighbourhood can promote more affordable homes through the community-led housing schemes and community land trusts. It will also look at ways to protect and conserve the natural environment.

This session is free and will take place at the Life Centre in Bierley, light refreshments provided. If you wish to attend then please either telephone or text Jonathan Crewdson on 07941 385306 or email him using

This event is connected with: The Neighbourhood Project
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