Climate Change Talk in Goitside and Longlands

Start date and time: 13th October 2021 10:00am
End date and time: 13th October 2021 12:00pm

Are you concerned about climate change and how it can affect you, your family and where you live?

Do you understand what the crisis is, why it is happening and what the consequences are of ignoring it?

And would you like to know how you can make a positive difference and secure your future?

Many commentators say the post-COVID economy must be built on green and sustainable foundations. But what exactly does this mean in practice?

What is sustainability? How do we live sustainable lives? How can we, our families and our communities embrace this transformation successfully?

And in a world of increasing centralisation of power and people distancing through digital technologies, are these trends still the way forward?

Or should we go back to small, de-centralised and communal ways of being? Are our neighbourhoods not just places to live in but key to addressing climate change?

Join us to discuss this further at this or one of our other neighbourhood sessions in Bradford.

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This event is connected with: The Neighbourhood Project
Venue Details:

The Millside Centre, 131 Grattan Road, Bradford, BD1 2HS