The Lost Neighbourhoods of Bradford City Centre: Bermondsey Discovery Session

Start date and time: 29th May 2024 2:00pm
End date and time: 29th May 2024 4:00pm

By the late 19th Century, what is today regarded as Bradford City Centre was made up of many neighbourhoods, built to house workers for the new factories and mills erected during the industrial revolution. Whilst some of these districts including Little Germany and Goitside have had a revival in recent times, most have become forgotten with the passage of time.

Supported by an £8,000 grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the Neighbourhood Project CIC will examine the histories of 20 of these neighbourhoods in and around the City Centre and produce a series of videos on their stories by late 2024 which will be shared online for free.

We are looking to talk to people who have lived, worked, volunteered, owned property or a business, or had some other connection with any of these neighbourhoods or nearby, or who are familiar with any of them for some other reason. We are especially interested in people who lived in or close by to these places after the Second World War as we wish to capture people’s memories of this period, what it was like to live there and any interesting facts or stories. We are very keen to see any old photographs of these neighbourhoods and the people who lived there.

This particular ‘discovery session’ is to talk about memories of the old Bermondsey neighbourhood, which was in the north east of Bradford around where the Midland Hotel and Bradford Forster Square Station are today. As the neighbourhood appears to have vanished from maps during the inter-war period, we are less confident there will be people still alive who knew the area, so we are appealing for anyone who has any knowledge about this district including other researchers and academics. It will be an informal discussion and give people an opportunity to share information. People’s contributions will be anonymous unless they give us permission to name them. We will provide light refreshments and repay travel expenses for attending.

If you wish to find out more or book on, please contact Jonathan Crewdson by either telephone or text using 07422 715910 or send him an email to

This event is connected with: The Neighbourhood Project
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Malik House Business Centres, 29 Manor Row, Bradford, BD1 4PS