The Challenge - NCS - Pastoral Care leader

Salary: £950.
Location: Yorkshire, Greater London, Surrey, Bucks & Berks, West Midlands, Manchester and Lancashire.
Role Length: 10 days *Option to do multiple.
Dates: Various starts dates from the end of June-August.
Role Type: Manager, fully residential.

You will work intensively with select young people with support needs and their Team Mentors to ensure all young people are participating fully in the programme, supporting your seasonal staff team with challenging behaviour and ensuring the wellbeing of the 15-17 year olds on the programme.
This fulfilling and demanding role is suitable for someone with significant experience of working with young people, knowledge of support requirements, and specialist experience in managing challenging behaviour. You should be prepared for long working hours and occasional night shifts throughout this role.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Work with individual young people with support requirements - this could refer to behavioural, physical or emotional support.
  • Provide floating support to up to seven teams of young people as required by the Programme Leader and support each of the Team Mentors in providing pastoral support to their teams.
  • Support the Programme Leader with discipline where required.
  • Work collaboratively to effectively manage any challenging behaviour.
  • Ensure the NCS code of conduct is upheld throughout the programme.

Person specification

  • Extensive experience of working with a wide range of young people, including those who exhibit challenging behaviours.
  • Experience of working collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Experience of working in a fast-paced and demanding environment, and the ability to be adaptable and proactive.
  • The ability to understand and follow safeguarding and Health and Safety guidelines - alongside other organisational policies and procedures.
  • A flexible approach to work & the ability to adapt working style to different environments and teams.


  • Experience of working with young people in a residential environment.
  • Experience of managing or motivating groups of people in stressful environments.


Closing date: 1st March 2018 12:00am
Hours: 7
Salary: £475
Salary Frequency: Per week
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