NCS Pastoral Care Lead

The Pastoral Care Lead, previously known as the ‘Assistant Programme Leader’ is an integral member of our pastoral seasonal staff team, responsible for behaviour management and pastoral care for all young people during the residential phase of the NCS programme. 

You will work intensively with select young people with support needs and their Team Mentors to ensure all young people are participating fully in the programme, supporting your seasonal staff team with challenging behaviour and ensuring the wellbeing of the 15-17 year olds on the programme. 


This fulfilling and demanding role is suitable for someone with significant experience of working with young people, knowledge of support requirements, and specialist experience in managing challenging behaviour. You should be required for long working hours and occasional night shifts throughout this role. 


Pastoral Care Lead


Closing date: 30th April 2019 12:00pm
Hours: 10 days
Salary: £1220 - £1300
Salary Frequency: Per week
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This job is connected with: The Challenge