Recovery and Wellbeing worker

Hourly pay: Bank worker at £11 p/h (self-employed basis)

Hours: Sessional

Responsible to: Director

The Recovery and Wellbeing Worker will participate in carrying out service response, working with specialist support skills as part of a team providing an environment where people with complex and challenging needs are encouraged to live as independently as possible, using the assertive model of engagement, recovery-focused approach and individually tailored recovery plans, including social inclusion and therapeutic activities, to form the basis for effective interventions. You will support participants to improve their quality of life, promoting independence and autonomy in order to give them hope for the future.

Primary duties and responsibilities

  • To develop, facilitate and review group work, self-development courses or workshop sessions for service users and use a range of assessment and recovery tools
  • To provide 1:1 support for people experiencing acute mental health issues and/or disabilities
  • To provide support via group work sessions using appropriate theories, methods and skills in order to promote individual clients’ ability to better manage problems and difficulties
  • To implement a ‘strengths’ model rather than an ‘illness’ model within all aspects of support
  • To promote personal recovery and improve social and interpersonal functioning
  • To use creative and flexible approaches to motivate people who have negative symptoms and cognitive problems
  • To promote hope and maintain enthusiasm and therapeutic optimism, even when progress is slow
  • To use individually tailored behavioural approaches where indicated
  • To provide a holistic view of mental illness that focuses on the person and not just their symptoms
  • To amplify personal success and aid the integration of positive experiences into personal identity
  • To support the development of self-management skills
  • To work in partnership to achieve recovery-focused goals, drawing on individual strengths and using a range of internal and external resources
  • To liaise with service users and relevant professionals, ensuring they have full information about the project’s purpose, activities and outcomes
  • To use leadership skills, experience in conflict resolution and good communication to avoid the powerful dynamics that lead to splitting and scapegoating of other agencies and services (Harrison, 2006)
  • To promote peer mentoring, both to prospective peer mentors and peer mentees, and provide supervisory support to peer mentors who are providing mentoring to service users
  • To use time strategically, rather than providing a compulsory programme of activities, individualising the support to the needs of the individual in order to support recovery processes

Please email a CV and cover letter to if interested in the position.

Job Description and Person Specification

Closing date: 30th July 2021 1:00am
Hours: flexible
Salary: £11
Salary Frequency: Per hour
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This job is connected with: Equality for All