Community Cafe Cook

Cook and catering volunteers supervisor for a Community Cafe - Wesleys

Primary Purpose of the Job:

  1. Prepare, cook and serve nutritious meals
  2. Manage and support our team of Kitchen and Café volunteers.
  3. Engage in a supportive way with customers, especially those who are vulnerable.
  4. Manage resources to maintain financial sustainability.
  5. Act in a way that demonstrates the caring, community, and environmental values of Wesleys Café and Baildon Methodist Church.
  6. Promote the service offered and be an ‘ambassador’ for Wesleys Cafe, Wesleys Community Hub and Baildon Methodist Church.




  1. Plan the lunchtime menus, prepare, cook and serve meals, snacks and light refreshments.

  2. Adapt menus and ingredients to customers dietary needs.
  3. Maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety in the kitchen and Café and ensure that volunteers comply with those standards.
  4. Clean up the kitchen and ensure all equipment is clean and sanitised at the end of the shift.
  5. Use the dishwasher, stacking and unstacking and putting away items as required.
  6. Take and record customer orders, prioritise the serving of orders and handle payment.
  7. Recycle packaging and minimise waste and utilities use.
  8. Ensure that the Café operates in a safe way (e.g. Covid safety; Fire Safety; COSHH regulations etc).
  9. Manage and support the volunteers, allocate tasks and help them to enjoy the experience of working in the Café.
  10. Use and help to develop the financial and cost-management systems in the Café.
  11. Order and receive materials and ensure effective stock control.
  12. Be a friendly and welcoming presence in the Café and help to make reasonable adaptations for those with special needs.
  13. Respond appropriately to any emergency on the premises, including, if necessary, calling the emergency services or managing the evacuation of the premises
  14. Ensure that First Aid materials are readily available, assistance is given, and update the Accident Book as appropriate.
  15. Find ways to improve and develop Wesleys’ service to the community, in consultation with the line-manager, the other cook, and Wesleys’ Catering Committee.
  16. Use Word to type up the volunteer rota in conjunction with the cafe volunteer team organiser and email it to volunteers.
  17. To undertake such other work as is necessary for the effective operation of the Café.

Main conditions of service

Hours: 21 per week worked from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which includes a paid 20 minute break.

Provision of cover: The postholder will also be required, from time to time, to work Thursday and Fridays (8.00 am to 4.00 pm) to cover the other Cook’s absence on leave.

Annual leave: 5 day a week staff are entitled to 33 days a year (inclusive of 8 public holidays). Leave for part time staff is calculated pro-rata to 33 days which for this post is 20 days a year inclusive of public holidays. Wesleys is closed at weekends and on 8 public holidays a year.

Pension: There is a contributory pension scheme to which eligible lay employees will be auto enrolled. Lay employees who do not meet the auto enrolment criteria are eligible to join the scheme subject to certain provisions.

Pay: Rate of pay dependent on experience between £9.50 and £10.60 an hour. Monthly paid by Bank Transfer on or around 20th of the month.

Probationary period: Confirmation in post is subject to performance being satisfactory after completing a probationary period.

Location: Wesleys Cafe at Baildon Methodist Church Newton Way Baildon.

Employer: Baildon Methodist Church Council

The two cooks we employ must work together to discuss and agree how certain tasks and responsibilities are allocated between them depending on experience and preference. This includes for example the ordering of ingredients and the planning of menus.

Key Contacts

The postholder will

  1. Be line-managed and supported by the Chair of the Catering Committee of WCBL.
  2. Report to and seek advice from Wesleys Catering Committee.
  3. Work co-operatively with the other Cook and with the Caretaker and Community Liaison and Lettings Officer.
  4. Will meet regularly with volunteers and representatives of current and potential user groups.
  5. Will work co-operatively with church leaders, members and users of our building.

Job description

Application form

Job pack

Closing date: 5th August 2021 12:00pm
Hours: 21
Salary: £9.50 to £10.60
Salary Frequency: Per hour
Further details available at:
This job is connected with: Baildon Methodist Church