Field Organiser

ACORN is looking for a Field Organiser to build power to fight for social and economic change in Bradford, to start work on 14th March 2022

ACORN is a mass membership organisation and a direct action community union. By taking action on issues that affect us, we win real changes to our lives and build power in our communities. For more information, read our 'About ACORN' page here and the ACORN Platform here.

About the job

As an Organiser with ACORN, you will be responsible for recruiting, developing and supporting members to take action on issues affecting them and the communities they come from. 

You will be a Field Organiser for ACORN in Bradford. Your daily work will involve: 

  • Recruiting individual ACORN Members through door-knocking, social media and other means (door-knocking takes up around 50% of our organisers’ time),
  • Building and maintaining existing ACORN Local Groups and teams,
  • Identifying, and taking action on, issues that affect our members and their communities,
  • Identifying, developing and supporting potential leaders,
  • Supporting elected leaders to enable them to carry out their roles. 

Application Form

Closing date: 6th February 2022 11:45pm
Hours: 35
Salary: £18,018
Salary Frequency: Per annum
Further details available at:
This job is connected with: ACORN