Buildings and Facilities Manager

Purpose of Post 

This post reports to the Operations Manager and will be a key member of the Fountains Team. 

Buildings Maintenance: We have a wonderful building which is regularly filled with activities and people. This role will ensure that the building is maintained and looked after. Some of this will be done by the post holder and volunteers depending on skills and others by using skilled tradespeople 

Building Cleaning: The post holder will ensure that cleaning is undertaken utilising our paid cleaner and by encouraging volunteer involvement. Cleaning needs to match up with activities and room rentals. 

Grounds Maintenance The post holder is responsible for ensuring the grounds around the building are cleaned and tidy and over time developed into something more beautiful. This will be achieved through volunteers. 

Utility Management: Our building is costly to run and so the post hold will manage the settings to ensure that heat and ventilation are provided, when necessary, when rooms are booked etc. They will work with the Operations Manager to ensure that the most efficient providers are used and that service schedules etc are kept up to. 

Security : Our building is both covered by fire, burglar alarms and CCTV. The post holder will work through our volunteers and staff teams to ensure that the security of the building is maintained. Key holding and management is a further aspect of our security ensuring that those who need access have the right keys etc. 

Managing Volunteers: Our Fountains team are increasingly blessed by a team of volunteers many of whom have come from complex and challenging backgrounds. They enjoy being part of the volunteering team and belong to the Fountains family. This role holder will support and encourage the volunteers building their capabilities to enable them to be able to build towards employment. 

Bank Staff: The postholder will manage buildings/ facilities bank staff who are brought in to support events.

Job Description

Closing date: 3rd July 2022 6:00pm
Hours: 37.5
Salary: £up to £20000
Salary Frequency: Per annum
Further details available at:
This job is connected with: Fountains Church Bradford