Freelance Black, Asian & racially minoritised consultation and coproduction contract

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST are invited for the following work: Service User Consultation and Co-production


Bradford Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Survivors Service (BRC&SASS) is well established having operated in Bradford District for almost 40 years, offering a range of specialist sexual violence support services for women and girls.

BRC&SASS provides specialist sexual violence support services for women and girls (predominantly those 13 and over) who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives. This includes rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse, forced marriage and so-called honour-based violence, female genital mutilation, trafficking, and sexual exploitation. BRC&SASS provides counselling, helpline, ISVA, Jyoti services by and for Black, Asian & racially Minoritised (BAM) women & girls, young women & girls service, asylum-seeking & trafficked women service, Shared Support groups, and sexual violence prevention work. Services are delivered face to face in person and online and via telephone.

BRC&SASS was awarded the Charities Aid Foundation resilience grant to maintain specialist Black, Asian and Minoritized (BAM) women and girls.

Purpose and aims of this work

A major role of the CAF grant is for consultation & co-productions work with BAM women & girls to inform the development of services, represent BAM survivors effectively and support BAM women to speak for themselves.

The freelancer will be contracted to:

  • Actively promote, co-ordinate and facilitate consultation and coproduction groups of BAM women & girl survivors of sexual violence, rape, and abuse.
  • Produce and distribute promotional materials
  • Work with the BAM service lead to conduct community conversations
  • Maintain records and data and provide reports as required.

Run Service User Consultation and Co-production events

  • Promote, co-ordinate and facilitate BAM service user consultation 6 days Oct- Nov 2022
  • Co-ordinates 2  In-person focus groups and  1 online  focus  group

The aim is to gather women’s views on the services they are receiving and how well they are working and what could be done better. The belief is that women accessing services are experts through experience and can have a unique input into how   BRC&SASS services could develop and effectively respond to support needs.

  • provide a written report of the consultation outcome

Work with the BAM service lead to network with other service providers to conduct community conversations with BAM women 6 Days December 2022– January 2023

  • Reach out to other service providers and increase awareness of BAM services at BRC&SASS
  • Hold two community conversation groups with BAM women in the community and not necessarily survivors to explore their understanding of BRC&SASS and services on offer, the kind of support they would want or expect from BRC&SASS, and what they believe   BRC&SASS needs to do more of or do better.
  • Produce a complete report for both the service consultation and community conversations 2 days in February 2023


Fee for: 14 days consultancy on the basis of £300/ day

Total £ 4200.00

The agreed fees will be the total available for the work. There will be no additional payments e.g. travel expenses, phone calls, etc. There will be no payments for annual leave, sickness or other absences. You will be responsible for payment of any tax (including VAT) or NI due to the Inland Revenue.


The bulk of the work will be in October 2022 to January 2023 with time to write a report in February 2023.


Please demonstrate clearly your suitability for the work. Your Expression of Interest (EoI) will only be assessed on the basis of information provided. Your EoI can be concise or complicated but must include:

  1. Outline relevant experience of the individual(s) undertaking the work; include an account of similar or relevant piece(s) of work done by the individual(s) who will undertake the work and say what the impact of this work was.
  2. An outline of the suggested process for undertaking the work.
  3. A budget for the work to include VAT where appropriate.
  4. List all personnel involved in undertaking the work – an approximation of how many hours they will each spend on the project.
  5. The name and contact details of two independent referees
  6. Details of any actual or perceived conflict of interest between the individuals involved and the staff or Trustees of the Partners.

Please complete your submission by signing a declaration stating that all information provided is, to the best of your knowledge, true.

If selected, we will arrange a meeting to discuss further.

Please email your EoI to:

Deadline for receipt of the expression of interest is 9am 9 September 2022.

Closing date: 9th September 2022 9:00am
Hours: 14 days total
Salary: £4,200 i.e £300 per day for 14 days
Salary Frequency: Per annum
Further details available at: