Aire Rivers Trust

Full Street Address: Albion Mills Business Centre
Postal Code: BD10 9TQ
Phone Number: 01274 061902
Organisation Characteristics: Not for Profit Organisation, Paid Workers, Takes short-term volunteers/ placements, Takes long-term volunteers
Geographical area: Regional
Has documents: Annual accounts, Bank account, Constitution or other governing document, Equal opportunities or diversity policy or statement, Health and safety policies, Regular committee meetings with minutes, Safeguarding (child, adult protection) policies
Information last updated: 8th April 2024

The Aire Rivers Trust is a charity dedicated to improving our River Aire and its catchment.

Our vision for the River Aire is a thriving river valued for its environmental, social and economic benefits, and which is actively appreciated by the community for its diverse ecology and contribution to flood risk management.

We were set up in 2011 to carry out projects that improve the condition of the river for its wildlife and for people to enjoy.

Much of our work involves education and explaining to people how the River Aire effects our economy and well-being, and what steps we can do to protect our watercourses. With the help of volunteers we run river clean ups and conservation days every Thursday and Friday. What we do varies as we move through the seasons. In Winter, we focus on tree planting and natural flood management. As water levels drop in Spring, we are able to start removing debris and litter. We aim to do as much as possible before vegetation grows high. By summer, we are “balsam bashing” to remove invasive non-native species. Throughout the year we run mini projects and one-off corporate volunteer days.

If you would like to volunteer, take a look at for more information.

We rely entirely on grants, fund raising activities and donations to carry out our work.