Baseball Softball UK

Full Street Address: 4th Floor
Postal Code: SE1 4YB
Phone Number: 020 7453 7007
Organisation Characteristics: Paid Workers, Takes short-term volunteers/ placements, Takes long-term volunteers
Geographical area: National
Has documents: Annual accounts, Bank account, Constitution or other governing document, Equal opportunities or diversity policy or statement, Health and safety policies, Regular meetings of which written records are kept, Safeguarding (child, adult protection) policies
Information last updated: 18th March 2019

Development agency for baseball and softball in the UK, working on behalf of the British Baseball Federation (BBF) and British Softball Federation (BSF). BSUK's role is mainly centred on development programmes to increase and progress participation at junior and adult levels in baseball, slowpitch softball and fastpitch softball, including running coach education courses at various levels and a range of beginner entry programmes and activities. BSUK also runs events, looks for funding avenues, provides a central point of contact for the sports and represents the sport at the level of government agencies.