Yorkshire Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament

Full Street Address: 2 Ashgrove
Postal Code: BD5 1BN
Phone Number: 01274 414413
Organisation Characteristics: Paid Workers, Takes short-term volunteers/ placements, Takes long-term volunteers
Geographical area: Regional
Has documents: Constitution or other governing document
Information last updated: 16th June 2015

Yorkshire CND campaigns on nuclear weapons, nuclear power and peace issues. We are currently campaigning against the renewal of <a href="http://www.yorkshirecnd.org.uk/campaigns/nuclear-weapons/scrap-trident/"..., Britain's nuclear weapons system which will cost over �100 billion to implement. Locally we are also active in research and awareness raising of the role of local bases such as <a href="http://www.yorkshirecnd.org.uk/campaigns/menwith-hill/">Menwith Hill</a> and <a href="http://www.yorkshirecnd.org.uk/campaigns/fylingdales/">Fylingdales</a> in "<a href="http://www.yorkshirecnd.org.uk/campaigns/missile-defence/">US Missile Defence</a>" and how they perpetuate nuclear proliferation and conflict globally. We campaign using a variety of strategies including informing and educating, research, lobbying, media work, direct action and demonstrating. A variety of campaign materials are available from Yorkshire CND and further information on our current campaigns is available from our website. Our network of committed activists and volunteers play a vital role in our campaigning work and we welcome new members or volunteers.