Full Street Address: 9 Russell Street
Postal Code: BD5 0JB
Phone Number: 07475237037
Organisation Characteristics: Not for Profit Organisation, Takes short-term volunteers/ placements, Takes long-term volunteers, Voluntary Organisation
Geographical area: Bradford District wide
Has documents: Annual accounts, Bank account, Constitution or other governing document, Equal opportunities or diversity policy or statement, Health and safety policies, Regular meetings of which written records are kept, Safeguarding (child, adult protection) policies
Information last updated: 11th October 2021

AROUK is one of the Rohingya-led international registered charity and community organisations in the UK. It was initially established by the members of the Rohingya community in Bradford.

AROUK is committed to providing humanitarian support, community development and emergency aids locally and internatioanlly in most deprived areas. We are supported through a vast network of volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds, we projects promote health & well-being, and education of vulnerable displaced refugees children and adults.

In doing this, AROUK raises awareness of the Rohingya crisis and inspire others to support our projects. Feedback and reports collected from our projects aim to give a truthful insight into the struggle and challenges of many Rohingya refugees as well as the impact of our continued support to tackle the protracted Rohingya crisis.

As part of our advocacy, we communicate and collaborate with other national or international organisations that already involved in tackling the Rohingya crisis. We are also open to partnership with different stakeholders to transform the lives of refugees for a better future.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to help refugees in need and protecting their rights and building a better future for them through education.

Our Vision

A place where everyone has the same rights and access to basic need.

Our Values

A Awareness raising

R Rebuilding the community

O Open to new ideas

U Unique and united

K Kind, helpful and caring