2Tshirt Gang

Full Street Address: Unit 5a
Postal Code: BD5 7JW
Phone Number: 07860476956
Organisation Characteristics: Not for Profit Organisation, Paid Workers, Takes short-term volunteers/ placements, Takes long-term volunteers, Voluntary Organisation
Geographical area: Bradford District wide
Has documents: Annual accounts, Bank account, Constitution or other governing document, Equal opportunities or diversity policy or statement, Health and safety policies, Regular meetings of which written records are kept, Safeguarding (child, adult protection) policies
Information last updated: 6th January 2021

2tshirtgang, run by Anthony, Trinity & Cleo, is a sports specific training academy based in Bradford.

The trio wanted to give the youth in their community access to professional training.

They support young clients with aspirations to go on to be a professional in sports, educate them in health and fitness and endeavour to keep them off the streets.

2tshirtgang recognised that health was poor in the community due to lifestyle, lack of education and limited access. Wanting to change this, 5 years ago 2tshirtgang was born.

Anthony and best friend Trinity have been training together for a few years. In the past youths and people in the community started to ask if they could train with them. However, their workouts were intense and people began to learn that when they trained with them they needed to bring 2 TSHIRTS to change into, halfway through the workout. This stuck with them as a nickname, and organically grew into the business name!

Services offered include:
Personal training
Youth functional training
Athlete training
Community functional training