Baildon Methodist Church

Full Street Address: Baildon Methodist Church, Newton Way
Postal Code: BD17 5NH
Phone Number: 0845 6060820
Organisation Characteristics: Not for Profit Organisation, Paid Workers, Takes short-term volunteers/ placements, Takes long-term volunteers
Geographical area: Baildon, Shipley
Has documents: Constitution or other governing document
Information last updated: 21st August 2023

A Methodist Church in Baildon that welcomes those who are single, or in a partnership, married or divorced, widowed, straight, gay, trans, or not quite sure. Whether you are rich or poor, happy or sad, whatever your faith or if you have none – we are glad you are interested in our church. If you have special needs to enable you to join-in our activities – please let us know.
We extend a special welcome to those who are over 60 but not grown up yet, to adults who consider themselves to be “grown-ups”, and to children and teenagers who are growing up too fast. We welcome you if you’re having problems, are down in the dumps, or don’t much like ‘organized religion’.
We offer a welcome to those who work too hard, and those who don’t work, those who would like to get to know us better, or are just looking at this website because Granny is visiting and you want somewhere friendly to go for a cup of coffee.

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Room hire available: All rooms and toilets are accessible and a cafe serves meals at lunchime and light refreshments 10am to 3pm. Free Wi-Fi available in every room.