PRISM Youth Project

Full Street Address: PRISM Youth Project
Postal Code: BD8 9ES
Phone Number: 01274 487633
Organisation Characteristics: Paid Workers, Takes short-term volunteers/ placements, Takes long-term volunteers
Geographical area: Bradford District wide
Has documents: Constitution or other governing document
Information last updated: 1st June 2020

PRISM Youth Project

Formerly known as Bradford Police Club for Young People and City Farm, PRISM Youth Project has evolved into a dynamic, innovative and creative organisation.

We are helping some of the most disengaged young people aged 12-21 in the Bradford District to improve the quality of their lives.

We achieve this through the provision of alternative education and accredited youth work initiatives, tailored to individual needs, and by offering guidance and support which empowers young people to move into mainstream educational, employment and training opportunities.

PRISM Youth Project is more than a training provider, more than a guidance agency, and much more than a drop-in centre for young people with personal, emotional or social problems.

We offer a holistic experience which considers every young person as a unique individual with unique needs and unique potential.

Nonetheless, we recognise that however much we expand it is imperative that we retain our integrity and credibility by sticking to the principles and values that have made us what we are.

We will judge our success not only by the impact which we have on the lives of individual young people, but also by the impact we have on a range of key indicators, such as the number of young people not in education, employment or training, the reduction of school exclusions, teenage pregnancy rate and the re-offending of young people.

Prism Youth Project is a successful Charity with a track record of delivering quality youth work services and alternative accredited training in Bradford. We are currently seeking an experienced behavioural support worker for our Triangle project, with a focus on engaging young people in Multimedia activities.